The Night and the Silent Water

Twenty Eight. Mother. Heathen, and thus fiercely proud of my heritage.Child of nature. Lover of trees. Metalhead. Gives not a single fuck. Enjoy.

My tattoo. The original idea came from the tarot card Temperance in Antonella Castelli’s Tarot Art Nouveau. My good friend Pooch from Altered State Tattoo in West Palm Beach made a few changes for me, I’ve included the original artwork and his sketch. I love the negative space patterns, they look so cool on skin. I plan on keeping an art nouveau theme for all of my tattoos.

I wanted the tattoo to be more woodland themed than lily themed, I love nature, and i wanted that to be reflected in my tattoo. Though the symbolism of the lily is still present, in her hair. Also, you’ll notice the hand she is holding the decanter in, she’s making metal horns with \m/.

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